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eInvoicing has emerged as key way for financial and environmental costs to be reduced by digitalising services. EU legislation seeks to support this by the establishment of an European eInvoicing standard. The European Commission also supplies support and services to help Public Entities comply with Directive 2014/55/EU (on electronic invoicing). The objective of this self-assessment questionnaire is to help Public Entities assess where they stand in relation with the electronic invoicing Directive.

A. Questions to test your organisation's awareness of eInvoicing and the new European Standard for electronic invoices

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Before the Test

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Before the Test
In order to complete the self-assessment, you will need an EU login account and a Public Entity profile. If you do not have an EU Login account and a Public Entity profile, you will be invited to register after starting the self-assessment. Alternatively, you may use the links below to register before starting the self-assessment