eInvoicing Readiness Checker

Success Story, Austria


The Austrian government takes only structured (XML) invoices (by law) since January 1st 2014. Governmental departments are all ministries and their subordinated departments, the Parliament, the office of the federal president (Präsidentschaftskanzlei), the higher administrative court (Verwaltungsgerichtshof), the constitutional court (Verfassungsgerichtshof), the Austrian ombudsman board (Volksanwaltschaft) and the court of audit (Rechnungshof).

We're supporting the Austrian e-Invoicing standard format ebInterface (http://www.ebinterface.at) as well as the PEPPOL-UBL format for invoices and credit notes. Internally all incoming formats are converted to an in-house format ready for easy integration into backend systems.

Billers can present their invoices in multiple different ways:

  • By manually filling a form
  • By manually uploading a pre-created XML file
  • By automatically transmitting invoices via a SOAP-based Webservice
  • By automatically transmitting invoices via an PEPPOL AS2 AP

Currently approx. 900.000 invoices from approx. 30.000 different suppliers are send to the Austrian government per year.

When directive 2014/55/EU will take effect by the end of 2018 we're assuming that the number of received invoices will grow further.